Law review and scholarly article otherness

Law review and scholarly article otherness

Definition of a scholarly article 

Peer-reviewed articles, or peer-reviewed articles – are written works that are considered by professional experts in a narrow field. And are published only after approval by the panel of experts. They are more severe and authoritative works, because they undergo a review process, in contrast to, for example, a magazine article. Magazine paper is written by journalists and reviewed only by the magazine’s editors, not by experts in a particular field covered by the material.

A law review: what is it?

Legal review is a collection of scientific papers published by law professors, judges, and other representatives of the legal field. Many law reviews also publish pieces by law students, such as notes and comments. Most law schools have their own Law Review. For example, the Virginia Law Rev, the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, Westlaw Journals & Law Reviews. 

Different schools have different criteria for selecting candidates for the law review. In some schools, only second- or third-year students have this right. Other schools invite students to participate in the legal review based on their grades and overall ratings. Some students add material to the judicial review, and some may try themselves as an editor.

In the law review, students and professors discuss a variety of legal issues. It could be, for example, comments on current cases, changes that take place in jurisprudence, or case law. This allows students to improve their critical thinking, develop writing skills. Reflecting on the topic, the student uses logic and various verbal techniques and asserting the view. He or she learns to defend it based on clear arguments.

The experience gained in the law review will be of great help to the student in further career. Large law firms will give preference in the interview to a law school graduate who has worked with law review, especially as an editor.

Legal review is also called scientific publications of students, edited in conjunction with professors. 


In summary, we can identify the individual points inherent in the two types of work that we have considered.

A scholarly article:

  • Written by scientists in a specific field
  • Contain specific vocabulary
  • Considered, approved and reviewed by a panel of experts
  • Explore topics based on the work of professionals in the field, rather than personal judgments
  • Is published in the academic, “peer-reviewed” or refereed journals
  • The primary purpose is to provide original research

A law review:

  • Allow the expression of personal views and potential solutions to law problems
  • Analyze and critique legal topics
  • Its primary function is to publish scholarship in the field of law
  • Is dealing with all areas of law

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